Hi, me again. A lot of these links don’t work any more, as is the nature of the web. If you really want to get a take on my writing, you’re better off following me over at Ghost Stories, my podcast. I have personally researched and written nearly every episode, hundreds of thousands of words converted into hundreds of hours of audio content.

While I am not a professional writer by trade, I do sincerely enjoy the craft (as I’d hope the 1000+ posts on this site would illustrate). I love language, grammar, and the act of weaving words into complex literary tapestries. I dabble in fiction and have a trove of short stories and novellas that will eventually make their way here, though I have entertained the possibility of self-publishing some of them.

A sample of that can be found here, published for 2011 National Short Story Day:

I occasionally contribute to video game blogs, like The Backlog and Kotaku.

I was one of the official bloggers for Harrah’s Total Rock, Total Rewards 2010 Nation Rock Band Tournament:

I have also written/published short articles for RockBand.com as both a freelancer and officially during my time as an employee of Harmonix. You can read some of them by following the links below.

While I was at Harmonix I also wrote a weekly, short, feature called “The Harmonix Community Pulse”, which was based around photography from around the HMX office. You can read those from the links below.

The Harmonix Community Pulse was some of the most fun I’ve had with content production. The blending of writing and photography gave me a chance to offer a unique voice from inside the company. I only wish I’d started on it earlier.

Another piece I’ll include here is a RATI raising guide I wrote in 2002 for PSO-World, a website devoted to the Sega quasi-MMO “Phantasy Star Online.” I’m including it because it is currently sitting at 127,087 views, the most viewed non-rare Mag Guide on the site. It’s 10 years later and I still receive private messages and emails thanking me for the guide.

As mentioned above, I have been writing here on my site for over 10 years, well over 1000 posts. Here are some quick links to some of the more popular pieces I’ve written over the years.