My thumbs, pointer fingers, and middle fingers are peeled down to the muscle on both hands from this tour. It looks like I have leprosy of the hands. Usually I photograph myself on tour, but this time I’m going to post pics of the show I built in Atlanta yesterday. They don’t really do the… Continue reading Suddenly


No offense to anyone that lives in Winston-Salem, NC… but people here are not sharpest tools in the shed. Quasi-day off tomorrow since the HoB in Myrtle Beach is tiny. About time. Edit: So i just got in a fight with a guy who says he likes sci-fi like “The Matrix”, but refuses to accept… Continue reading Push

Heaven's Tower

New Jersey, awesome. Raining, more awesome. Having a shitty venue where we not only have to share floors pace with the bands, but can’t load out until after the entire show is done, ho OH, so awesome. Having to make an 8 hour drive tonight and still make it to Pittsburg for a 9AM load… Continue reading Heaven's Tower

It's a mallard

Today we decided that Emery is the worst band on this tour (despite playing a very technically tight set tonight), that Reliant K’s guitarist is better than the rest of the band combined, and that The Sleeping may just be the best band on the tour (and are awesome guys to hang out with). It… Continue reading It's a mallard


Our show was in a high school last night. Last year was, like, 38 sold out shows out of 40. This year we’re moving venues on the fly because ticket sales are so low. The Wii is driving at least 50% of the ticket sales, it’s crazy. Hundreds of kids every night completely ignoring the… Continue reading Corruption

Agenda Suicide

ATL done. Off to Knoxville, TN for whothefuckknowswhat. Someone told me today that the city streets are lined with guitars. They better not have been lying. I want to just drop this tour and fly out to San Francisco for a few days, then drive down to LA and hang out with friends. I’ve been… Continue reading Agenda Suicide