Watching Past The Day [Updated]

2011 fades away, and what a year it was. I’m going to be breaking this into multiple posts. A couple that are my year mostly in numbers, like books, movies, travel, etc. The other mostly made up of intangibles, life, love, lessons, and the like. This will be one of the former. I tend to… Continue reading Watching Past The Day [Updated]

The Eyes Of Disarray: Pt.2

So, where were we? I’m more of a “spur of the moment” or “stream of consciousness” writer, so there’s a lot to keep track of in recap style posts. When I first started writing this (Pt. 1), I was on my way to Syracuse, NY from Santa Cruz, CA to visit a dear friend. It… Continue reading The Eyes Of Disarray: Pt.2

The Eyes of Disarray: Pt. 1

This is going to be a long one. I’m really far behind on a lot of things simply due to the craziness of my recent travel and shooting schedule. So, if you’re content to read it all in one go, grab a cup of coffee, a snack, and let’s get caught up. I’ll wait. Good… Continue reading The Eyes of Disarray: Pt. 1

Your smile is a thin disguise.

I’ve been sitting on a huge post draft that goes through all the crazy travel I’ve been doing recently. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, Albuquerque, and back again. I’m currently on the road back to Santa Cruz. I’ll recoup there for a few days and decide where to next. Part of that… Continue reading Your smile is a thin disguise.

This isn’t the last…

I’ve been thinking all morning about where to start this. I can’t really decide on an appropriate starting point. How about… 9 years ago I trekked to Los Angeles on a personal adventure and found myself waking up on Sycamore St. in Hollywood. I was in the apartment of my new friend and upcoming professional… Continue reading This isn’t the last…

What forever means…

At this time last week I was preparing to leave Paris, FR, after 3.5 amazing months there. At this time this week I am in Seattle, WA preparing to spin after having spun my final set at BedlamBedlam, a new store opened by one of my close friends, Suki Valentine and her husband, Shea. I flew… Continue reading What forever means…

In exchange for a smile.

And so, here we are. My last week in Paris. So much has changed since even my last entry. Well, that was 21 days ago so I guess that makes sense. 3 weeks ago I moved from my original apartment, which I’d only rented for 2 months, to an amazing place on Île Saint-Louis. I wake… Continue reading In exchange for a smile.

The War of Art

And so here I sit. Watching tour boats travel up and down the Seine from my spot on Paris Plages, next to the pétanque courts. My croissant is mediocre and I’m treating myself to a Fanta Orange (I stopped drinking soda a long time ago). There are people painting around me, and people filming the… Continue reading The War of Art

A Day In The Life

I feel compelled to commit this to medium before it goes out of my head. Not that I think it will, not how I’m feeling at this very moment, because it’s one of those feelings I think a person only ever experiences a precious few times in their life. Two months ago I left the… Continue reading A Day In The Life