Reblogging to track, since Flickr’s stats are worthless.

Yahoo owns both Flickr and Tumblr. This photo was posted to Tumblr directly from my Flickr (and that’s fine), it even leads back to the original Flickr source, but I have NO way to track it via my Flickr stats page. Tumblr doesn’t even show up as a hit source, I had to use Google reverse image search to find it.

This is an amazing example of how, despite any good intentions, Yahoo really is too far out of the game when it comes to how the modern web functions and it is catastrophically failing to leverage it’s high profile acquisitions beyond just tech news headlines.

Watching Past The Day [Updated]

Magnetic North
Magnetic North

2011 fades away, and what a year it was. I’m going to be breaking this into multiple posts. A couple that are my year mostly in numbers, like books, movies, travel, etc. The other mostly made up of intangibles, life, love, lessons, and the like. This will be one of the former. I tend to document and record lots of data as kind of a side function of my everyday goings on. It’s not that I’m particularly stat focused or live life by numbers, but I like to keep track of where I go, how I got there, how much I did. It’s pretty easy to do now-a-days, especially since a lot of record keeping is automated. All you have to do is know where to look for the data. For example, I can look at my Verizon Wireless account and see that I spent 3289 minutes [52.4 hours / 2.18 days] talking on my phone this year. That doesn’t include Google Voice, GMail, or Skype calls, so the total is probably a bit higher. A more impressive number is texts. 20,608 from my phone and another 15,223 from Google Voice, for a total of 35,831 text messages. So, all the info is out there, it just needs to be added up.

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