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  • Fire The Canons

    Fire The Canons

    There was recently a post on SLR Lounge by Carsten Krieger titled “A letter to Canon from a (soon to be) former customer.” I dove into it immediately because this exact same idea has been rattling around my head lately as I hunt for a new DSLR to replace my aging Canon EOS 60D. It…

  • thisistheverge: The best photo apps for keeping your memories in the cloud These ten services let you get your pictures off your camera, off your computer, and into the cloud As a member of the Everpix development team, this article makes me very happy.

  • Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset

    Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset Photo by dropslash With the help of everyone I’ve made it into the Top 20 most voted on photos in the contest. With a week to go, I really appreciate the support. Thanks everyone!

  • Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset

    Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset So, I tossed my hat in the ring for a photo contest. If you have a minute or two, I’d appreciate a quick vote! 

  • Mercy

  • Santa Monica

  • Newburyport, MA

  • Full of Fire and Mystery

    South Carolina. Not exciting, but occasionally beautiful. Although I am finding myself not particularly fond of the South, the light does fall here a bit differently from the North. For the first time since Paris I’ve also noticed the clouds conspiring to compose stunning, brilliant, skyscapes. It’s hard to compare though, since Paris has a…