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  • Fire The Canons

    Fire The Canons

    There was recently a post on SLR Lounge by Carsten Krieger titled “A letter to Canon from a (soon to be) former customer.” I dove into it immediately because this exact same idea has been rattling around my head lately as I hunt for a new DSLR to replace my aging Canon EOS 60D. It was a particularly well timed article for me since I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised with Canon and lately have been exploring Nikon solutions, especially the D600/D610 which I feel is an almost perfect Prosumer camera body for the kind of work that I do (lifestyle/event).

    The post addresses a few issues, including the disappointing lack of innovation coming from Canon, but then goes on to focus on a few professional bodies and lenses with a particular emphasis on cost, value, and features when compared to direct competitors. Now, while I agree with some of these points, they are only highly specific examples of a much larger problem with Canon at the moment; A complete lack of product focus across their DSLR lines.

  • thisistheverge: The best photo apps for keeping your memories in the cloud These ten services let you get your pictures off your camera, off your computer, and into the cloud As a member of the Everpix development team, this article makes me very happy.

  • Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset

    Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset Photo by dropslash With the help of everyone I’ve made it into the Top 20 most voted on photos in the contest. With a week to go, I really appreciate the support. Thanks everyone!

  • Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset

    Travel: Bodega Bay, CA – Sunset So, I tossed my hat in the ring for a photo contest. If you have a minute or two, I’d appreciate a quick vote! 

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  • Newburyport, MA

  • Full of Fire and Mystery

    South Carolina. Not exciting, but occasionally beautiful. Although I am finding myself not particularly fond of the South, the light does fall here a bit differently from the North. For the first time since Paris I’ve also noticed the clouds conspiring to compose stunning, brilliant, skyscapes. It’s hard to compare though, since Paris has a […]