New York: Street Photography

I spent a week in New York City (I lived there for 12 years), visiting friends and family. I love wandering the streets and photographing what I happen across. There is no place quite like NYC for pretty much anything, including street photography. Equipment Notes: Camera: Canon EOS 60D Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L… Continue reading New York: Street Photography


Well, for the first time in 25 years, i’m awake on Christmas morning and not with my family. No tree, no stockings, no presents, no fireplace, no pancakes for breakfast. Just me and a messy apartment. Who’d have thought that Christmas Eve was such a big Greyhound travel day… well… actually… i did, but i… Continue reading Warcry

Hello ma'am

I need to build myself a new computer so frigging badly. It’s funny how no matter how well you maintain, upkeep, refit, and take care of a computer it will eventually just become obsolete. It’s a good metaphor for the human body, maybe all those health nuts should take a page out of that playbook.… Continue reading Hello ma'am

Circle of the Moon

Somehow, in the past two weeks, i’ve gone from a fairly well off freelance market consultant/production manager with his own comfy little nyc studio apartment to a 9-5 full time market consultant/production manager/account manager with a fairly sizable 2 bedroom corner apartment. I guess maybe it’s just one of those transition things that happens in… Continue reading Circle of the Moon