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  • We’re in a tough time, Lady Liberty. Your guiding light seems so far away and we really need it now more than ever. #NewYork #NYC

  • This city is everchanging, yet always the same. I’m nostalgic when I’m here, but don’t miss it when I’m gone. She’s not my city anymore, but nothing will ever replace her. #NewYork #NYC (at Waverly Restaurant)

  • Travel: New York City on Flickr.

  • Travel: New York City on Flickr.

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  • New York City: Street on Flickr. Oh, New York…

  • Places: New York City – Marathon on Flickr.

  • Through The Looking Glass

    I need to preface this with a quick note. While I do sincerely respect and understand “The 99%”, I am at odds with some of their messaging. On one hand, many of the truths they stand for are supposed to be the unalienable rights granted to citizens of this great nation. Equally, the many of […]

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass I was looking for a different perspective on the Occupy Wall St movement. I found it by photographing and talking to the people photographing the Occupy Wall Street movement in Zuccotti Park, New York City.