Out of nowhere

At least the work has been steady and the weather has been nothing but amazing.

I’m off to Lake Tahoe this Friday to oversee the deployment of HARRAH’S ROCK BAND NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. Tomorrow i have to sit down with their event staff, go over the whole shebang, and then run a staff tourney. Aside from a strange lack of communication from Harrahs in Tahoe, it’s shaping up to be a good time. They’re still hurting for sign-ups though, so if you live in the area swing by, say hi, and maybe rack up an easy win. Heh.

I also got offered a tour later this year with REO Speedwagon and Styx. That’s…like, crazy. The pay is decent, and the bands are just, yeah, but it’ll put me on the road for my 30th birthday. Still torn.


I just realized that this will be the first time i’ve ever not been in EST for New Years. Do PST people celebrate on midnight PST, or midnight EST (i.e. “real time”)?

One more down…

Another year gone. A lot has happened this year, too much for me to care about looking back on.

Every year i think to myself that things will be different and every year they are, in a way i always seem to question. Hindsight is 20/20 i suppose.

I’ll be 30 this year and although that’s supposed to be significant somehow, i’m still not really aware to what that significance is. I feel like i’m supposed to know, like it’s one of those “gee golly whiz bang” things but i know it’s not really going to change anything.

I still feel like i’m not in the place i’m supposed to be. I don’t know if that’s an expectation i put on myself or just one i’m too lost to see clearly.

Ring of Fire

Well, i’m now a resident of Las Vegas, NV. The apt. is coming along, things still trickling in via UPS and USPS. Hopefully everything will be sorted in the next week or so.

One thing i can’t get over here is the weather. It’s been perfect every single day since i’ve been here.


Just in case you’re keeping score at home, here’s the breakdown.

– Panic At The Disco
– Dashboard Confessional
– The Plain White T’s
– The Cab
– You? (No really, i mean you, reading this.)

– The Game: Rock Band 2
– The Goal: Beat every other band there and open for Panic.
– No really. On stage, thousands of people, you rock out before Panic goes on.

My job is fkn hilarious sometimes. Heather, get Steve and two other people and come win this in LA. XD

Oct. 05, 2008: San Diego, CA – San Diego Sports Arena
Oct. 08, 2008: Pheonix, AZ – Jobing.com Arena
Oct. 09, 2008: Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Outdoors
Oct. 10, 2008: Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
Oct. 11, 2008: San Jose, CA – SJ Events Center
Oct. 12, 2008: Sacramento, CA – Arco Arena
Oct. 14, 2008: Seattle, WA – Everett Event Center
Oct. 16, 2008: Salt Lake City, UT – The E Center
Oct. 17, 2008: Denver, CO – Broomfield Event Center
Oct. 18, 2008: Lincoln, NE – Pershing Center
Oct. 19, 2008: St. Louis, MO – Scott Trade Center
Oct. 21, 2008: Minneapolis, MN – Target Center
Oct. 22, 2008: Chicago, IL – Allstate Arena
Oct. 23, 2008: Detroit, MI – EMU
Oct. 24, 2008: Toronto – Arrow Hall
Oct. 28, 2008: Bridgeport, CT – Harbor Yard
Oct. 29, 2008: Lowell, MA – Tsongas Arena
Oct. 31, 2008: Washington DC – Patriot Center
Nov. 01, 2008: Philadelphia, PA – Spectrum
Nov. 02, 2008: Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
Nov. 04, 2008: Atlanta, GA – Gwinnett Center
Nov. 06, 2008: Orlando, FL – University of Central Florida Center
Nov. 07, 2008: Coral Gables, FL – Bank United Center
Nov. 08, 2008: Gainesville, FL – University of Florida, O’Connell Center
Nov. 11, 2008: Bossier City, LA – CenturyTel Center CANCELED
Nov. 12, 2008 Dallas, TX – Nokia Theatre
Nov. 13, 2008 Austin, TX – Frank Erwin Center
Nov. 14, 2008 Houston, TX – Reliant Arena CANCELED


If you don’t want the novel version, skip down to “START HERE“.

Generally i’m pretty picky about what I wear on my feet. When i was growing up i little recourse but basketball shoes, usually Converse, because i have big (13), wide (4E), feet. A lot of pictures of me as a little kid look really silly because i wasn’t, and am still not, tall enough to counterbalance the size of my feet.

When i was a sophomore in high school I joined the wrestling team and in doing so, discovered the wonderful world of wrestling shoes. I loved the low profile and tight fit. The super thin, split sole, felt great, like i really had my feet on the ground. Even though i left the team after one year (undefeated!) I still wore the shoes, full time. Combined with cannon-leg jeans (they were in style once, I swear!), they essentially made my feet disappear. I got especially used to driving in them, to the point where it was difficult to drive in shoes with thicker soles.

When i moved to New York after high school I brought my wrestlers with me. They turned out to be fantastic for cycling and since i was a courier (amoung other things) when i first moved here, they were great. Of course, here in NYC i didn’t have a car and that meant walking in the winter, which wrestlers are just no good for. Coincidentally i ended up being run over quite violently at the intersection of 8th St. and Broadway which ended my courier career quite quickly. With that job prospect off the table, i fell back on my retail job at Funhouse Clothing and my nights as a Goth/Industrial club DJ. My aesthetic had already started to change by that time and not being a courier anymore threw me full on into the g/i club culture. It was during this time that i bought my first pair of NEW ROCK boots.

New Rocks became my signature. I always had the biggest, blackest, more badass boots of anyone in the scene (not counting those fucking crazy club-kid home-made ones). New Rocks are awesome for walking in, can take endless punishment, and make people think you’re going to stomp the shit out of them at a moments notice. Oh those were the days…

In the fall of 2001 i moved back to Boston to take care of my mother who was recovering from a full hysterectomy as a result of cancerous ovarian cysts. I discovered very quickly that New Rock’s are not the most practical footwear for driving in. It was during this time that i bought my first pair of SKETCHERS. They were a casual, quasi-slip on (velcro) style that they don’t make any more… which is a shame, because i loved them. They were light enough to not make me feel like i had lead on my feet, but protective enough to work in, and by work i mean what became my current profession of tour production management.

On my first tour ever, i brought a pair of New Rocks. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I never got to wear them and the impracticality of transporting them became pretty damn obvious when one of them ended up with a split sole. Split like, in half. Not cool. My Sketchers became pretty much fulltime footwear.

They were my only pair of shoes i wore. Everyday, 3 years of touring, and when they eventually wore down so much that you could see my socks though the bottom of them, i bought a new pair. The exact same pair, and wore them the exact same way. They lasted me until last year.

I’ve sort of been lost in terms of footwear since then. Sketchers stopped making my favorite style and nothing else they make really caught my fancy. I randomly found this weird pair of PUMAs at a DSW. They were on clearance for like $15. Super-lightweight, some kind of breathable, mesh, material. They’re almost like rock-climbing shoes. I can find no evidence of their existence on Puma or DSW’s websites. Given that they were on clearance at DSW, they’re probably some ancient style. Anyway, i love them, they’ve almost brought me back to my wrester’s days. They also look good with shorts, which i pretty much wear exclusively now, even in the winter. Because of the material they’re made of and the abuse i’ve put them through they’re getting close to the end of their life and, of course, i’ll never find another pair.


Now that we’re all caught up, i was reading through Men’s Fitness today (the subscription was a Christmas gift from my brother) and they had a small feature on VIBRAM (Go ahead and click that, it’ll open in a new window) and their “shoes”. I took one look and knew i had to try them on. I headed out to City Sports and took a look.

I tried on the KSO’S in two sizes (since they size differently from regular shoes) and holy crap. I won’t say “amazing” because i haven’t had time to break them in (i’m wearing them right now) but man, they feel totally different from anything i’ve ever worn. It’s like someone wrapped my feet in polyamide and let me go run willy-nilly. I can’t wait to get them on some grass and rocks and i’m definitely taking them on tour with me.

I can’t upload images to IAM that i don’t own, but for the time being i’ll hot-link an image with a link-back for those of you reading that don’t feel like following links.

Liquid Seperation

It’s been almost 2 years since i’ve been out on tour. I was pretty sure that phase of my life was over (i’m getting old! >_>) but here i find myself putting things in place to hit the road again in a week, for 6 weeks. It’s actually not that many show days (20 something) compared to some of my last tours (40) and certainly, it seems, a lot less work (i know it won’t be).

The biggest difference this time around is that MTV handles all its own production aspects. In the past, with Nintendo, all the on-site production was my responsibility. I still think like a Technical Director/Production Manager, but all of that work is out of my hands this time around. I know there will still be little things for me to deal with, especially with the X360s (The tour is centered on Rock Band 2), but i feel kind of useless not advancing venues, coordinating local labor, etc. I guess i should just look forward to lighter workload, but i don’t like not knowing the details of the tour i’m going to have to deal with on a daily basis.

This is the first time in years that i’ve been hired more for my game knowledge than my technical/production expertise… and i don’t even play Rock Band.

The other great part of this is that my lease is up on Nov. 30th. I get back from tour on Nov. 15th. That gives me two weeks to get this apt. cleaned out and myself on the road. Fortunately, everything i own is in this apartment and it all fits in the back of a small truck. It’s going to be a hell of a time.

Killing Game

I’ve started the process of cleaning out my apartment for my move to Vegas. I have like, 5 years worth of WIRED and 7 years worth of Maximum PC, along with tons of other magazines. Anyone need any? Heh.

I have to be out of here by Dec. 1st. I leave on tour, for 6 weeks, in 10 days. Mmmmm, pressure.