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Ok, so this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. It’s going to be long and it’s going to be about a topic that is both generally universal and intensely personal. Music. Specifically, video game music, both original and inspired by, some of which will be included along the way. So feel free to fire up some of your favorite tunes, or jam on some of the ones here, grab a snack, and let’s jump in.

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Circle of the Moon

Somehow, in the past two weeks, i’ve gone from a fairly well off freelance market consultant/production manager with his own comfy little nyc studio apartment to a 9-5 full time market consultant/production manager/account manager with a fairly sizable 2 bedroom corner apartment.

I guess maybe it’s just one of those transition things that happens in life. From black cargo’s and boots to black button up shirts. The whole thing coinciding with me turning 25 later this month is pretty interesting too. Not that being 25 is some major change, aside from being able to rent cars without having to pay an extra fee.

It is logical progression i suppose. You gotta figure that a company that consistently keeps you employed on contract for 2 1/2 years will eventually realize that they’re just better off pulling you in full time. I guess i’ve proven myself. It’s a lot more work, but i get better pay and benefits, and i get more consistent access to programs aside from strict Nintendo ones, like Pokémon. I got asked onto Pokémon Rocks America last year to consult after the program had already been planned (read: too late) but really made my presence felt (again) as the expert. I’m looking forward to being a much more integral piece of the upcoming events.

So anyway. No real point to all this. Just interesting how fast things can move sometimes. Hurrah for progress.