Our show was in a high school last night. Last year was, like, 38 sold out shows out of 40. This year we’re moving venues on the fly because ticket sales are so low.

The Wii is driving at least 50% of the ticket sales, it’s crazy. Hundreds of kids every night completely ignoring the music part of the show just waiting in line to play Metroid Prime 3 or Wii Sports. Kinda hilarious.

Anyway, the tour still sucks and we’re only 5 shows in. Dunno if i’m gonna make it all the way through this one.

Unfamiliar ceilings…

Strange day. Yes Steve, i still owe you an email. (P.S. The beard makes you look like a goddamn pirate.)

I leave for Milwaukee in 5 hours and i can’t sleep. FUSION ’06 kicks off in a week and i’m flying in to handle all the pre-production and then staying on for Front-Of-House Management for the 4th year in a row. It doesn’t feel like i was off-tour for the last 2 weeks, feels more like 2 days.

It’s a short tour this year, just over 5 weeks, but there’s a show almost every day. It’s going to be brutal. Part of me is really looking forward to the breakneck pace. Part of me just wants to stay home.

Yes, we will have The Wii. 10 of them, i pick them up on Friday. No, i did not pick the bands.

I think i might move to Chicago.


3 shows left after tonight. I cannot wait to get home and have this disaster be done with. The ineptitude of individuals concerning important responsibilities from the home office has been astounding. When i get back i’ll be taking the job above these morons… and i’m going to torture them every day.

It’s also time to move again. I think i’m going to finally move out of Manhattan, maybe to Park Slope, but i’m not totally sure yet.

For now all i care about is getting through these last show days. Tomorrow in Cincinnati will be nothing, Bogarts is the size of a closet. Providence will be huge though, 9000 sold out. At least the last show in NJ leaves me close to home. I can’t wait to get the hell out.

Too damn cold.

Rain, to snow, to ice, to broken bus.

So now we’re stuck in Des Moines, Iowa. Which is now a frozen wasteland. It’s like -10 and the parts of the bus we’re trying to get fixed are frozen solid. Kind of funny. Now i can’t sleep, because i may need to jump on another bus to make it to the show in case ours can’t get rolling.

Yes’eree, the excitement never stops.

Opie & Gomer

Things i dislike:

Omaha, Nebraska. This “city” suucks. It’s like every bad, backwater, hick, stereotype come to life before our eyes. We’re playing in an old gymnasium, it fits about 800 people… and they sold 1800 tickets. It’s already a disaster waiting to happen.

Things i like:

Verizon Wireless. My phone broke today, the earpiece no longer had any sound, so i could only hear people on speaker-phone. So i found a Verizon store and talked to a guy named “Sham” (see above). Sham didn’t exactly have the most most discernable vocal stylings, but from i could decipher, i had (have) a Total Hardware Coverage plan, which basically means i got a new phone for nothing. It took like 15 minutes and i was done. Simple, quick, and exactly what i wanted. Good Job Verizon Wireless.

Anyway. Nebraska still sucks. 6 hours to go.


Mission Complete!

One of my side missions on this tour has been to find a copy of Perversion by Gravity Kills. It’s harder than you might think. It took 33 cities to find it, including LA, San Fran, and NYC. I finally tracked down a used copy here in Denver. $7.99 for one of the best albums evar, woo!

My original copy got destroyed by a Sony Discman. It was one of the Sport ones with the batteries located “inside”, where the CD goes. Well, the battery door wasn’t snapped tight, the CD started spinning, and the door scratched a perfect circle in the CD, erasing like 4 tracks, including my favorite, “Disintegrate”.

Needless to say, i’m glad i finally found it. It’s been a fun mission, but now that it’s over… i guess i need a new one. Hhhmmm.

Edit: Adding to the list of completed side missions, i finally beat Resident Evil 4 today. I’ve only been able to play it in hour long segments between our load-ins and doors, so i’m glad that i finally got through it. Now it’s time to blast through and play for fun. Muahaha.

Marks the spot

Ugh, like… 5 back to back shows. We have a day off in Orlando tomorrow, i’m looking forward to it. We skipped day rooms today and went double over-budget on hotel rooms tomorrow. We’re apparently at some crazy Universal hotel. All i care about is getting a chance to catch up and recover. I’ve been borderline ill the past few days and i’m hoping i can just kick it tomorrow once and for all.

We have an X-Box on the bus now. It’s kind of hilarious.

With the right attitude

So i skipped the travel day to spend an extra day in NYC. It was worth it, but it confirmed in my head even more that i need to get out of this business. This tour has been a nightmare from day one and both Nintendo and their marketing division have made it that way due to a complete lack of any kind of reason or common sense. No one involved on the “office side” has any experience with touring, so it makes life on the road a living hell for my tour team… who all have experience, but are now unable to rely on anyone but who we have with us for anything. Which, by the way, sucks for trying to convey needs and situations to either side of the “home office”. Same story, every time…

This may be my last tour. In the past four years i’ve watched Nintendo commit slow suicide, and at this point, they deserve it. I’m going to laugh when they self destruct, and i’ll know that they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.