Fire The Canons

I wanted to hold off on this post until I had more time to spend with a few of the cameras I mention below. Although I spent more time with my personal SL1, rented an EOS 6D, sold my EOS M, rented a Nikon D600, got hands on time with a D610 and D800, and rented an EOS 5D Mk.III, the recent launch of the completely misguided Canon T5 has forced my hand. I’ve kept notes on all of those experiences, most of which will end up as part of a larger “new camera” narrative I’m working on.

There was recently a post on SLR Lounge by Carsten Krieger titled “A letter to Canon from a (soon to be) former customer.” I dove into it immediately because this exact same idea has been rattling around my head lately as I hunt for a new DSLR to replace my aging Canon EOS 60D. It was a particularly well timed article for me since I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised with Canon and lately have been exploring Nikon solutions, especially the D600/D610 which I feel is an almost perfect Prosumer camera body for the kind of work that I do (lifestyle/event).

My little workhorse.

The post addresses a few issues, including the disappointing lack of innovation coming from Canon, but then goes on to focus on a few professional bodies and lenses with a particular emphasis on cost, value, and features when compared to direct competitors. Now, while I agree with some of these points, they are only highly specific examples of a much larger problem with Canon at the moment; A complete lack of product focus across their DSLR lines.

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