About… again.

This is dropslash.com, the home of Kyle Mercury. This is the 27th version of this website and I will get around to refilling in the content as best I can, as time allows. Following design tradition, this new version is inspired by music. In this case “I Am” by Hednoize from the album “Searching For… Continue reading About… again.

Portfolio building…

Edit 2: Well, i fixed the worst of it, but it’s still there. Something in the way Chrome and Firefox are handling the text in the menus is forcing the widths, through defined, to stretch. It’s fine in IE8 and looks even better in IE8 Compatibility mode, but it’s bugging the crap out of me.… Continue reading Portfolio building…

Sin City

Test number 2. I now call Las Vegas, NV home. As such //dropslash is pending a reboot too. I’m going to miss my New York City but it was time for a change. Let’s continue the trend.

Ordinary Pain

Yay for title and date in the same cell. too bad it took forever (thanks to a frigging typo) and still doesn’t look right. oh well, i’ll fix it later when i have some time. Speaking of time, only a week left on my tour. the long haul from new york to seattle. it won’t… Continue reading Ordinary Pain