On Events & Production [From LinkedIn]

Ah, work.

So, I’m part of a group on LinkedIn called “AAA”, it’s for people who work in the video game industry. Someone posted recently asking about events, their discovery, producing, advice, and so on. I’ve decided to share some of my replies here so I can spruce them up with links, examples, etc.

D.I.C.E. Summit.
Game Developers Conference.
Penny Arcade Expo.

These events are staples within the ever changing games industry. They provide a gathering place for industry folk and numerous enthusiasts to collaborate and celebrate our universal passion for games.

In addition to major industry events, more focused events are popping up everywhere such as:

My questions to you all are:
1) What is your role in the industry (or role you would like to play if you are starting out)?
2) What was the last event you attended (or would like to attend) and why?
3) How did you find out about that event?
4) Are there any tips/ sources/ tools you use to discover events?

Nintendo Hype Team
The Nintendo Hype Team’s job was to do just that; Create hype for the upcoming CubeClub.

There is certainly no shortage of industry events these days and although it’s nice to see them making a come back, the industry seems divided as ever. I often talk to folks about how the “middle class” of games are vanishing. The big studios/publishers are consolidating more and more while the indie developers are turning more and more to things like Kickstarter and mobile only and this is reflected and easily visible in the way the industry events are going.

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