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  • Santa Monica

  • Watching Past The Day [Updated]

    2011 fades away, and what a year it was. I’m going to be breaking this into multiple posts. A couple that are my year mostly in numbers, like books, movies, travel, etc. The other mostly made up of intangibles, life, love, lessons, and the like. This will be one of the former. I tend to […]

  • Solaar Flare

    It’s National Short Story Day. As such, here’s an excerpt from one of my own. Kkel had just caught himself staring out the window. Lost in observations of life moving past, keeping pace with pedestrians, being outpaced by vehicles. The long, low, orange hued, lines being drawn across the cityscape by the slowly setting suns […]

  • Heed No Warning

    Now for something completely different. So, I’ve been meaning to do an “Everyday Carry” style post, as well as a “What’s In My Bag?” post. I decided to mash them together a bit and work in a quasi-review of my new Chrome Niko. If you know me, you know that bags, specifically laptop and camera […]

  • Cross This River

    I’m sitting on so many drafts of posts it’s getting kind of silly. My phone is full of voice notes, my notebook full of scribbles and sketches, my brain full of ideas. The truth is, I started writing this post exactly a week ago. I forget where I was at the time, all I know […]

  • Social Anxiety Order

    I’ve certainly never been a stranger to social/internet outlets. I’ve been consistently wandering around the online public space for a long time. I explored AOL 1.0 in the early 90’s, was part of online communities, forums, etc. I started building websites around the same time and was part of the “Independent Web” movement in the […]

  • Stopwatch Heart

    It’s 2:00AM on Saturday morning as I started writing this. I’m sitting on a few drafts of posts; Part 2 of Playing With Power (Part 1), Part 3 of The Eyes Of Disarray, (Part 1, Part 2) along with one of my infamous compilation posts covering a huge range of topics. Per usual, I’m writing and creating […]

  • The Eyes Of Disarray: Pt.2

    So, where were we? I’m more of a “spur of the moment” or “stream of consciousness” writer, so there’s a lot to keep track of in recap style posts. When I first started writing this (Pt. 1), I was on my way to Syracuse, NY from Santa Cruz, CA to visit a dear friend. It […]

  • Through The Looking Glass

    I need to preface this with a quick note. While I do sincerely respect and understand “The 99%”, I am at odds with some of their messaging. On one hand, many of the truths they stand for are supposed to be the unalienable rights granted to citizens of this great nation. Equally, the many of […]