Electronic Entertainment Aftermath

Well, it’s been a week since E3 and I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t still feeling the effects. It’s like remembering an awesome party; you’re so glad you were there but it sucks that it’s over. While there’s no doubt that experiencing all that video game awesomeness was indeed amazing, the real part… Continue reading Electronic Entertainment Aftermath


Ok, well, the new template is set in Blogger which means i’ll be able to keep the main site updated during my next tour. This is a test to make sure that Windows Live Writer doesn’t break anything important. Edit 1: Well, after that first test it seems that Windows Live Writer doesn’t work at… Continue reading Wulf

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Out of nowhere

At least the work has been steady and the weather has been nothing but amazing. I’m off to Lake Tahoe this Friday to oversee the deployment of HARRAH’S ROCK BAND NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. Tomorrow i have to sit down with their event staff, go over the whole shebang, and then run a staff tourney. Aside from… Continue reading Out of nowhere

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Road work…

Well, this is how it all turned out. I haven’t ported this new design over to Blogger yet, but it’ll get there eventually. I’ve been busy with work recently, but I wanted to get this revamp up and all the bugs worked out before I head out on tour again. Speaking of which, if you’re… Continue reading Road work…

Portfolio building…

Edit 2: Well, i fixed the worst of it, but it’s still there. Something in the way Chrome and Firefox are handling the text in the menus is forcing the widths, through defined, to stretch. It’s fine in IE8 and looks even better in IE8 Compatibility mode, but it’s bugging the crap out of me.… Continue reading Portfolio building…