3 shows left after tonight. I cannot wait to get home and have this disaster be done with. The ineptitude of individuals concerning important responsibilities from the home office has been astounding. When i get back i’ll be taking the job above these morons… and i’m going to torture them every day.

It’s also time to move again. I think i’m going to finally move out of Manhattan, maybe to Park Slope, but i’m not totally sure yet.

For now all i care about is getting through these last show days. Tomorrow in Cincinnati will be nothing, Bogarts is the size of a closet. Providence will be huge though, 9000 sold out. At least the last show in NJ leaves me close to home. I can’t wait to get the hell out.

Titan Arch

Of all the places to end up on a Sunday… Salt Lake City. Mormon city Sunday = JACK SHIT TO DO.

Anyway, we’re in SLC because none of the bus drivers were willing to drive through avalanche conditions to Seattle. Nintendo wanted to fly FOB to Seattle to try and make the show but Fall Out Boy’s manager was having none of it. Meanwhile the rest of us decided to laugh and toast the fact that the one canceled show of this whole tour will be the corporate sponsers hometown. I’m not a big karma believer, but that’s pretty damn good.

Nice to have the days off though.

Too damn cold.

Rain, to snow, to ice, to broken bus.

So now we’re stuck in Des Moines, Iowa. Which is now a frozen wasteland. It’s like -10 and the parts of the bus we’re trying to get fixed are frozen solid. Kind of funny. Now i can’t sleep, because i may need to jump on another bus to make it to the show in case ours can’t get rolling.

Yes’eree, the excitement never stops.

Opie & Gomer

Things i dislike:

Omaha, Nebraska. This “city” suucks. It’s like every bad, backwater, hick, stereotype come to life before our eyes. We’re playing in an old gymnasium, it fits about 800 people… and they sold 1800 tickets. It’s already a disaster waiting to happen.

Things i like:

Verizon Wireless. My phone broke today, the earpiece no longer had any sound, so i could only hear people on speaker-phone. So i found a Verizon store and talked to a guy named “Sham” (see above). Sham didn’t exactly have the most most discernable vocal stylings, but from i could decipher, i had (have) a Total Hardware Coverage plan, which basically means i got a new phone for nothing. It took like 15 minutes and i was done. Simple, quick, and exactly what i wanted. Good Job Verizon Wireless.

Anyway. Nebraska still sucks. 6 hours to go.


Mission Complete!

One of my side missions on this tour has been to find a copy of Perversion by Gravity Kills. It’s harder than you might think. It took 33 cities to find it, including LA, San Fran, and NYC. I finally tracked down a used copy here in Denver. $7.99 for one of the best albums evar, woo!

My original copy got destroyed by a Sony Discman. It was one of the Sport ones with the batteries located “inside”, where the CD goes. Well, the battery door wasn’t snapped tight, the CD started spinning, and the door scratched a perfect circle in the CD, erasing like 4 tracks, including my favorite, “Disintegrate”.

Needless to say, i’m glad i finally found it. It’s been a fun mission, but now that it’s over… i guess i need a new one. Hhhmmm.

Edit: Adding to the list of completed side missions, i finally beat Resident Evil 4 today. I’ve only been able to play it in hour long segments between our load-ins and doors, so i’m glad that i finally got through it. Now it’s time to blast through and play for fun. Muahaha.


We’re in Boise today, the show has been canceled and reinstated 4 times already, the venue it threatening to sue if the show doesn’t go on, but the weather is putting a lock down on just how far we can travel. Should be an interesting few days.

Deep Red

I haven’t been emotionally conflicted in a long time. I was pretty sure it was an aspect of my life I’d managed to outgrow. I’d “moved on”, grown up, and established a sense of stability in my life. I guess it just goes to show that it’s all just part of being human, and I know that, I know it’s all just a part of the game but it’s still odd to be feeling this way again after so long. The worst, or best, part is how goddamn inspirational it is. In the past few days I’ve felt the need to create again. Art, writing, all the crap I’ve let fall by the wayside due to emotional complacency, even the desire to throw myself back into music.

The situation itself isn’t even new. Same old story, but I’ve let myself fall back into it. I’m trying to approach it differently, trying to see it from the outside, analyze it. Let it affect me but know that it’s going on as it happens. It’s not as easy as I thought and that’s the real surprise.

Emotionally, it’s mostly in my head. I know the situation I’m getting into, I know it’s “bad”, not really as much as it’s complicated, but I’m still heading down that road. I know I can stop now, especially now, before it’s really potentially too late, but I can’t see myself doing it. It’s like this one stupid flaw I just can’t get past. I have to ride it and see what happens, even though I know it’s going to end up disastrous. I should probably really be focusing on why the hell I’m letting myself do that. Heh.


If you haven’t tried out iTunes “Just For You” yet, give it a shot. It takes a while to train it to pick out what you really like, but once you do it digs up all kinds of little goodies for you. Besides, every once in a while i comes up with the most hilarious suggestions…

“You own Countdown to Extinction (Remastered) – Megadeth. We recommend: On Eagle Wings: Naturescape Music.”

“You own Final Fantasy VIII (Original Soundtrack) – Nobuo Uematsu. We recommend: Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail, Every Place, Every Time (Abridged Nonfiction) – Gerry Spence”

“You own Final Fantasy XI – The Chains of Promathia (Original Soundtrack) – Nobuo Uematsu. We recommend: Has Been – William Shatner”

“You own Final Fantasy VI (Original Soundtrack) – Nobuo Uematsu. We recommend: ‘N Sync – ‘N Sync”

“You own Remix DysTemper – Skinny Puppy. We recommend: Where the Sidewalk Ends – Shel Silverstein.”