Well, for the first time in 25 years, i’m awake on Christmas morning and not with my family. No tree, no stockings, no presents, no fireplace, no pancakes for breakfast. Just me and a messy apartment.

Who’d have thought that Christmas Eve was such a big Greyhound travel day… well… actually… i did, but i figured there’d be an open spot on at least one of the busses leaving the city. Nope, nada. So here i sit in my apartment, listening to drunk people out on the street, forseeing a holiday of cleaning up and doing laundry, waiting for travel to one again become an option.

Although, getting back into NYC before the 2nd is going to be a bitch.

Nothing can ever be easy. And people wonder why i don’t like to leave the city.

Next year, Christmas is at my place. :p

The tyranny of inaction

I hate holidays. Actually, no, i don’t. I hate the obligations and expectations the holidays impose upon other people, which, in turn, bleeds onto me. That’s not good blood either, it’s infectious blood that i can due very well, thanks, without.

Then again, that could just be my misanthropy speaking.

My desire for isolationism grows and grows. Not so much that i want to be alone in my warm little space above the city, just that i don’t want to have to feel i need to leave it. Not a healthy outlook, i know, trust me. It’s the day before Christmas and i’m sitting in my apartment. It’s a mess. I have bills to pay and laundry to do and cleaning which desperately needs to be worked out. I’m also supposed to be on a bus in 3 hours to head back to Boston.

The entire situation is clearly my fault. I’ve been negligent for weeks now, much to the dismay of my family and a certain best friend (whom i’ll be lucky doesn’t twist me into a pretzel upon arrival in New England). I find that i need some well deserved downtime after touring. It’s not that i maliciously ignore people, or try to be a dickhead about contact, i just want some sleepy, quiet time. What happens is a vicious cycle though of |Me not answering calls or eMail| >> |People try harder to contact me.| >> |I become less inclined to answer calls or eMail| >> |People try harder to contact me.| >> |So on an so forth until people just write me off as “that dickhead who won’t answer his phone”|. I don’t want this to happen, but i certainly don’t make the situation any better by not taking the time to explain it to anyone.

Interesting for you all to read, i know, but they’re doing something to the side of my building and as such i cannot take a shower without 2 guys in hardhats watching me do so. No. Thanks.

There’s plenty of other things i could be doing, hell, should, be doing, but my motivation is sapped by the approaching day and the things i have to be doing. Though, i do live by the credo “You don’t ever HAVE to really do anything, as long as you can accept the consequences of your inaction.” I can live with the consequences just fine, it’s the guilt that’s starting to get to me though. Heh.

Face transplant

Well, my mini-vacation is over. 2 days off in NYC, (i skipped the philly show) followed by an INSANE show in Boston (the show was the night of game 4, and we played Avalon, which if you didn’t know is, on Lansdown St., which if you didn’t know is, across from Fenway Park.) The show ended about 15 minutes AFTER the game ended, the result being that no crew or bands were allowed out of the club into the street per order of the Boston Police Department. It was pure mayhem. Fortunately, i had gone to the bus to check on some things and didn’t end up imprisoned in the club for hours. I ate sandwiches and watched the locals go nuts in the street.

All this followed by 3 days off in Nashville, TN. (not my ideal location for spending halloween, but oh well). It all ends today and it’s back to the grind for 2 more weeks. Nashville today, back to Washington DC for a day off on Tuesday and a show on Wednesday. Then down the east coast.

Didn’t really do anything special here in Nashville, not that there were tons of options.

I’m look forward to the end of these next two weeks. I miss my city.

All I know

Last night in chicago. it’s been a pretty fun time. having a few days off is always a good thing. just gotta push out this last stretch to NYC and then the last leg of the tour. it’s been an interesting tour. different enough from last year to keep it fresh, but i find myself having similiar thoughts and moods as last year. A lot of things are changing and i’m looking forward to some time off to try and make sense of it all.

I don’t really believe in new years resolutions, but it seems like the right time to start making some changes myself.


Almost back on the east coast. Starting to get cold, at least it is in Minneapolis. The tour trucks on, despite more major breakdowns. I think after this is all said and done, i need to take a vacation and re-sort my life.

Portable land

Portland, OR. If i never go back to Seattle it’ll be too soon. There must be something in the water there that makes people morons. That and obese. 2 days there was enough for the rest of my life, especially with the crowd of people these bands are drawing.

And i saw 2 15 year old girls dressed as hookers. Good Job!

Portland is full of bums and crackheads, but not as many as San Francisco, where a fat, vagrant, woman shat infront of our bus. I’d upload pictures but my USB cable is MIA. Upon leaving we rolled up next to her and dumped our septic tank, so take that bay area.

Coming up it’s…

Sun. Oct 10th: Spokane, WA
Wed. Oct 13th: Kansas City, MO
Thu. Oct 14th: Minneapolis, MN
Fri. Oct 15th: Milwaukee, WI
Sat. Oct 16th: Chicago, IL

I’m looking forward to Chicago.

Burn, burn

Seattle. I can’t say i’m a big fan of the area. We have 2 shows here, and all the NoA bigwigs will be there. Not exactly the best timing, considering that this tour is self-destructing. Andy, our tour manager, has done an amazing job of keeping things together, but in the background… Basically it’s like this; The promotions company knows nothing about how a rock tour works. They know even less about the demographic they’re trying to market too, especially considering the brand. This causes nothing but problems for us on the road, especially considering… The brand knows NOTHING about touring, rock shows, their target demo, what the fuck their doing, how to effectivly market, or their OWN GODDAMN PRODUCT. How people remain employed at NoA is beyond me, but it’s really easy to see why the japanese look at us and just shake thier heads.

At this point, i’m kind of hoping the ship sinks. Andy has offered up a lifeboat for me so if the worst does happen i may have a decent escape route.

If only all those blind Nintendo fanboys knew what things were really like on the inside… it’s kind of hilarious, but really just sad.

Here’s how the next week looks.

Thurs. Oct 7th: Seattle, WA
Fri. Oct 8th: Seattle, WA
Sat. Oct 9th: Portland, OR
Sun. Oct 10th: Spokane, WA
Wed. Oct 11th: Kansas City, MO

Pacific time

Woo, Anaheim. The Grove. Vegas was low key, Utah was outside, in a big field, so that was fun… lies. The tour trucks on, i’m a little more organized, but not by much. The level of fun being on this tour vs. last year is non-existent. I feel less and less like i should even be out here.

Tomorrow is Soma in San Diego, then 3 days off in LA. (ppssstt, LA sucks, heh). The next show after San D is the 3rd at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Past that…

Monday: Oct. 4th: Davis, CA
Tuesday: Oct. 5th: San Francisco, CA
Thursday: Oct. 7th: Seattle, WA
Friday: Oct. 8th: Seattle, WA
Saturday: Oct. 9th: Portland, OR

Deep in the heart

Austin, TX. Odessa, TX was last night, and after playing the gig in this little Texas roadhouse (complete with rodeo ring and a big ass bar brawl) we headed here to Austin. I haven’t had a decent meal in a while. I’m completly burnt, but hey, i was told i get to be on the 6:00 news here. Fun! That should be interesting. I’m pretty sure we don’t have another day off for a while and i’m dying on my feet.

Meanwhile, we got a bunch of new Nintendo DS crap. The more i read and learn about this thing the less i care about it. Heh.

I’m too beat to go into more. If you’re bored and in the area, swing by the Austin Music Hall and say “Hi”.

Oh, and in case you’re too lazy to check the Fusion site for the show dates, here’s the next 5.

Wednesday: Sept. 22nd: Dallas, TX
Friday: Sept. 24th: Denver, CO
Saturday: Sept. 25th: Salt Lake City, UT
Sunday: Sept. 26th: Las Vegas, CA
Tuesday: Sept. 28th: Anaheim, CA