Who: Kyle Mercury, but I am also known as dropslash pretty much everywhere on the web.

What: I am best known professionally as an Event & Operations Director and socially as the main writer, producer, and host of Ghost Stories: A Destiny Podcast.

Where: San Francisco, CA. I was born in Boston, MA, but have been nomadic most of my life. I’ve lived in, among other places, Seattle, Paris, Cambridge, Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Boston, and have traveled across the United States and Europe extensively.

When: I am 40 and am way too old to have a website like this.

Why: That is the real question, I suppose.

How: Hard work, curiosity, and passion. I am self-taught at a lot of what I do, which is one of the reasons why my skill set is so diverse. I am highly adaptable, creative, and a very fast learner.

Social: I’m not difficult to find across the social media landscape, though I have cut back considerably the past few years. You can explore various profiles below.

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