I need something explained to me, because it is infuriating. I continuously encounter people who wholly disregard music from games like Journey or Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted, so on, so forth, just because it’s “video game music”. Most of them then proceed to crank some kind of techno or dubstep garbage that arguably sounds more like stereotypical “video game music” than anything that’s actually been in most games for the last 20 years. Hell, a lot of what they then put on actually samples old video games. 

I way listening to the track linked above. It’s “I Was Born For This” by Austin Wintory from the game Journey. Someone asked what it was when it finished. They seemed genuinely interested, so I obliged. When I mentioned it’s origin, they immediately said “Oh, it’s from a video game, it’s not real music.” They then proceeded to blast “ZenZero” by Thriftworks. Go ahead and listen.

Music is highly personal, I understand that. I’m not even opposed to music like Thriftworks (though, arguably, some of it is pretty terrible but that’s true of anything), but to totally discount entire works of brilliantly arranged, composed, and performed music just because it appeared in a video game, regardless of it’s content or merits, especially when the argument is backed by the music linked above, is so asinine to me it defies description.