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Travel: Charelston, SC
Travel: Charelston, SC

Uh oh, a short, recappish (I just invented that word), post. That means I’ve either been really busy or really lazy. In this case, it’s the former. I’ve been working my way down the East Coast since leaving MA, had a couple stops in North and South Carolina, on my way to Ft. Augustine, FL, where I currently am. What was originally supposed to be a prolonged stop here has switched to a much shorter stay.

One of the reasons I decided to come here was to help out a friend of the family who has become too sick to travel and look after her apartment. I volunteered to head on down and handle some maintenance on the apartment so it can be either sold or handed off to one of her kids. It was a good opportunity to get away from the cold, hit the road again, and take some time for myself to get a few of my affairs in order. Well, the work was not much an issue, nothing out of my league, but… though I was told there was a stable internet connection here, there most certainly is not. Now, I’m not without my means, but that is just one of those things that grinds me a bit. Before leaving I had prepped a bunch of work online that I could pick up anywhere, as long as I could get online. Well, that didn’t go as planned, so offer to somewhere new. Maybe time to start my westward trek. In the meantime, I’m certainly enjoying the weather here.

Due to that situation, I’ve been doing a lot of offline writing, sort of gathering assets for the few bursts of time I can get to the net. Mysteriously, lack of internet access has not stopped me from getting a Pintrest page off the ground (link on the right), build out a massive writing project, and launch a couple new projects. I’ll be doing some guest writing over on The Backlog, a friends video game blog as well as wrapping up Playing With Power: Pt. 2, continuing the saga of my time on the road with Nintendo (You can recap Part 1 here).

Travel: St. Augustine
Travel: St. Augustine

Despite being a fan of Google, lately they have been straying so far off course from coherency it’s actually aggravating. Yes, their services are free and mostly awesome. No, I have no idea what it must take to wrangle all the different departments in a corporation that size and get them on the same page. That said, way back when Google+ launched they made a big deal about how they were going to be integrating their service across the board. They would be cutting away the low priority services (ciao Picnik!) and pulling all those great Google services we know and love into G+. Like taking a bunch of awesome ingredients and making the most amazing cake in the world with them. Sounds good to me! In fact, they recently just announced that they are amending their privacy policies to integrate across their services. I’m actually all for that, but what drives me crazy is that they haven’t actually integrated any of their services. Just the simple fact that I cannot post a YouTube video to G+ in a single click is asinine. The beloved, ever-present, grey Google bar is even missing from YouTube. Despite G+ being heralded as the “new best place for photographers”, it’s photo and album management is flat out terrible. There is so much basic functionality missing, functionality that exists in Picasa (which you currently have to use to manage G+ photos/albums), that I don’t really understand how any photographer over there deals with it. If you have a brand page, forget about it totally. Photos in Brand Page albums don’t show up in Picasa, so there is no way to manage them at all. What happened to the collaborative doc sharing that was promised from Wave?

Sure, these are really just things that tend to affect my world directly, but G+ has been around too long now for there to really be an excuse. Unless they are really planning on having Search be the hub, and somehow integrating it all into Search (like they did with Search+ Your World), there really isn’t any reason for all this disjointedness. The Google ecosystem is still a mess and I feel like the recent changes they’ve been announcing are the furthest thing from getting any kind of practical functionality under control. Who knows, maybe the privacy policy has to come first before they bake all the ingredients into that perfect Google cake, but I really doubt it.

Travel: St. Augustine
I agree, Maggie.

Anyway, I hope Google gets their act together. I’m actually hoping they just flat out kill Picasa and buy Flickr. Wishful thinking, I know, but having to use Yahoo Maps to geo-tag my photos makes me want to gouge my own eyes out.

That does it for now, I’m looking forward to sitting down and throwing some weight behind this poor site as soon as I get somewhere with a reliable internet connection. In the meantime, head over to Word on the Internet and wish Josh a happy birthday. He’s the best.

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Can you see what you’ve done to my heart…
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This is a wasteland now