About… again.

This is dropslash.com, the home of Kyle Mercury. This is the 27th version of this website and I will get around to refilling in the content as best I can, as time allows.

Following design tradition, this new version is inspired by music. In this case “I Am” by Hednoize from the album “Searching For The End”. It was originally based on the song “The Road”, and progressed to “Woven”, both also from “Searching For The End”, before being finalized as “I Am”. The plan I had for my life mirrored “The Road” very closely but, although it continues to reflect my general greater mindset, like all good plans, it changed. I found myself somewhere unexpected, playing a role I hadn’t anticipated. “I Am” fits that theme nicely.

While I work to put all the content back in place here, you can find me at all the typical social media outlets.

Like I said, the content from the older versions of the site will slowly make their way back here. If you go digging you can probably still find bits and pieces, here and there. There is a lot work ahead, but the site needed to change as my personal priorities change. I hope the redefinition of things here will provide a bit of clarity.

So welcome back, if you’re a regular, and welcome, if you’re finding this site for the first time.