Electronic Entertainment Awesome

Well, today wraps up my last day on the Can’t Stop Rockin’ 2009 Tour. It’s been a mixed bag. The production team i was placed with was absolutely fantastic. So awesome to work with. The crew on my bus was equally amazing, they made some of the long rides really fun. Styx and REO Speedwagon, while not really my first choice in music, we’re also really awesome, both onstage and off. They’re some of the most devoted bands i’ve ever toured with.

On the other hand, the marketing agency that hired me, and who iIve worked with before, seemed to not have really thought this tour through. It’s a shame too, because the sponsor, who I’ve also worked with directly, is amazing. There was potential here, but it wasn’t really capitalized on.

Anyway, speaking of amazing clients… i’m off to E3!

That’s right, E3 2009, All Access, thanks to the, wonderful, amazing, people at MTV Games/Harmonix. I’m going to be working the show floor, attending events, and checking out all the awesomeness. It’s like a dream come true for me. In the meantime, i’m going to be updating my portfolio and fixing some of the things on the site. I’ll be twittering live from E3, so you can follow the sidebar on this site or follow along at http://twitter.com/dropslash.