Can’t Stop… Somethin’…

So, first off, Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009 was, in actuality, Total Awesome 2009. Easily one of the best jobs I’ve ever worked and one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on. The people i worked with were all amazing and the bands who participated, in every venue, were some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Huge grats to The Gurn Killers from my long-lost NYC for taking home $10,000 and putting on an awesome show at The House of Blues in Atlantic City opening for The B52’s. There are still reports and interviews and pics coming in, but here’s some links to catch you up on all the madness.

I promise to get more links in here later. There are tons of pics on FaceBook at the moment so it’s gonna take a while to pull together that much linkage.

In other news, I’m currently out on the Can’t Stop Rockin’ tour with REO Speedwagon, Styx, and .38 Special overseeing the activation and management of one of the custom Rock Band stages from last year’s Rock Band Live! tour. It’s certainly an interesting time. Not exactly my cup-o-tea demographically or music-taste-wise, but they can’t all be. It’s just strange for me to be around that many drunk/stoned baby boomers, especially since they just kind of stare at the RB stage dumbfounded most of the time. Before it took this gig i predicted to myself that this gig would probably just end up as glorified daycare for the kids who’s parents dragged them to the show. That prediction has been dead on so far. The biggest issue really is that the gig isn’t really practical as a one-man-show, which is how it’s currently being executed (by me). Oh well, the production crew is friendly and I’m done on May 30th so it’ll at least be 100% until then.

In other, other, news, i just bought a Dell Mini 9 and I’m already in love with it. I was worried about the size compared to the Mini 10, but after discovering that the Mini 10 was not upgrade/hack friendly and finding a perfectly configured Mini 9 on the Dell Outlet site, i had to just go for it. It wasn’t out of the box for 5 minutes before i dropped an extra gig of RAM into it and it never even got booted to it’s pre-installed Windows XP OS. I dropped Windows 7 Release Client into it first thing (with a sweet USB hack) and never looked back. It’s runs like a dream. Next upgrade is the SSD from 8GB to 32GB. I ordered the drive already and hopefully it’ll make it out to me during this three day stretch in California. Once i have that installed i can drop all my favorite apps onto it. I’m using a 16GB SD card as storage, so the total of 48GB will serve me fine. I’m a huge stickler for efficiency and clean HDs, so i clean out my systems and HDs religiously. I can’t wait to start using it as my regular road computer and seeing what it can handle. Here’s a pic of it next to my current road system, my trusty Dell XPS M1210.