It's a mallard

Today we decided that Emery is the worst band on this tour (despite playing a very technically tight set tonight), that Reliant K’s guitarist is better than the rest of the band combined, and that The Sleeping may just be the best band on the tour (and are awesome guys to hang out with).

It wouldn’t be the first time the opening band turned out to be the best one on the tour. Last year, from day one, Panic! At The Disco was our favorite band out with us.

Our lighting director bought a stuffed squeeky toy duck to throw at people while they play Wii Sports: Shooting (aka: Dunk Hunt).

Lots of mutants at todays show, including this ginormous girl. I shit you not, she must have been like 450lbs. Our bus was getting pulled into her orbit… I hope i never have to go back to Kentucky.