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Ok, so this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. It’s going to be long and it’s going to be about a topic that is both generally universal and intensely personal. Music. Specifically, video game music, both original and inspired by, some of which will be included along the way. So feel free to fire up some of your favorite tunes, or jam on some of the ones here, grab a snack, and let’s jump in.

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Playing With Power – Pt. 1 [Featured]

What you are about to read, should you decide to read it, is all true to the best of my recollection. I have had a long, strange, journey through the video game industry. I have hundreds of stories, this is just one of them.

Nintendo Street Team: 2004
Remember Link Cables?

It’s for breakfast now.

It’s interesting to see all the news about Nintendo recently and the expected fiscal loss posting. “First time in 30 years…” “Lower than expected interest in the 3Ds.” “20 billion yen.”, etc etc. I really only have one question: “Is anyone really that surprised?”

Ok, let me preface this with a few things.

  1. I am not a financial professional. I don’t analyze trends, stocks, or earning strategies.
  2. I am not a corporate business strategist. I understand the complexities of running a business, but I am by no means familiar with the intricacies of running a massive, multinational, corporation.
  3. I have worked for and with Nintendo in the past (2002-2007). In fact, I did through one of their darkest hours, the end of the GameCube lifecycle, in what was essentially “the trenches”, Marketing and Promotions. I was also there for one of the truly brightest moments, the launch of the Wii.
  4. Yes, I’ve met Reggie Fils-Amie. I sat across from him at a marketing meeting in New York City in 2004 and told him we should probably forget Geist ever existed and focus on Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime 2 for that particular holiday season. I’m not saying it affected anything either way, but we all know how that turned out.

In any case, all I present here is my experience with Nintendo, the frustration that came with working for them, especially as a fan of the company and their products, the insight it gave me to the insane swing-set-riding-a-roller-coaster that the company exists on, and why it should surprise no one that they’re on the big downswing yet again.

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Fire The Canons

I wanted to hold off on this post until I had more time to spend with a few of the cameras I mention below. Although I spent more time with my personal SL1, rented an EOS 6D, sold my EOS M, rented a Nikon D600, got hands on time with a D610 and D800, and rented an EOS 5D Mk.III, the recent launch of the completely misguided Canon T5 has forced my hand. I’ve kept notes on all of those experiences, most of which will end up as part of a larger “new camera” narrative I’m working on.

There was recently a post on SLR Lounge by Carsten Krieger titled “A letter to Canon from a (soon to be) former customer.” I dove into it immediately because this exact same idea has been rattling around my head lately as I hunt for a new DSLR to replace my aging Canon EOS 60D. It was a particularly well timed article for me since I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised with Canon and lately have been exploring Nikon solutions, especially the D600/D610 which I feel is an almost perfect Prosumer camera body for the kind of work that I do (lifestyle/event).

My little workhorse.

The post addresses a few issues, including the disappointing lack of innovation coming from Canon, but then goes on to focus on a few professional bodies and lenses with a particular emphasis on cost, value, and features when compared to direct competitors. Now, while I agree with some of these points, they are only highly specific examples of a much larger problem with Canon at the moment; A complete lack of product focus across their DSLR lines.

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Languid Arisings

I woke up this morning and, quite unexpectedly, found myself thinking of you. I use “thinking” loosely insomuch as a description for when unconscious thoughts, lingering on with the last ripples of my fading delta waves, seep through into the already murky waters of waking consciousness and are given recognizable form by… I don’t know. My soul?

In any case, there I was, facedown on my bed at 7:15AM, trying to navigate what the next appropriate somatic response after silencing my alarm was, and there you were. A hazy amalgamation of details I already knew; the light of your eyes, the shape your smile, the angles of your posture, and the unknown aspects left to the devices of my interrogative imagination. Was your skin as milky soft as I imagine it to be? Would it’s already remarkable color become more-so in the pre-dawn light leaking through my window? Does your hair fan out like I imagine it would? As wisps of constructive aether attempt to give you form, trying to decide if you are clothed or naked (and if I played any part in whatever the answer is), a realization started to form.

It took a moment, a miserable, exhausted, resentful, moment, to realize that my current state and capacity had nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t have answers for those questions, and probably never will. So I rose and began the rote series of gestures that have encompassed every morning as of late.

Thank you, though, for that brief moment of fantasy between known and unknown, then, now, and maybe later, alive and dead.

RE: Batman/Superman Movie

Just putting this here for posterity: 

Eisenberg as Luthor, a young, upstart, information age billionaire, up against Wayne’s “old money” industrial complex, Wayne Enterprises. This gives Luthor unprecedented access to the world’s advanced information technology and personal information, which is arguably hugely valuable to someone like Batman.

Following the events of Man of Steel, the worlds richest and most influential people meet as allies to discuss the new “Super-person Problem”, including Luthor and Wayne. Superman represents both an incredibly destructive force (see Metropolis and Smallville), but also a power that money can never buy. Both are dangerous things, they represent a lack of control by money/influence/etc. Wayne, as always, needs to know more so he meets Superman as Batman and changes his stance after a tense go between, ultimately trusting Clarks honest and sincere nature (this plays to Batman being smart and Superman being altruistic).

This prompts Luthor to double down on his efforts to “Protect Humanity” (he would probably need the support of Wayne Enterprises, who is now out) while secretly coveting the power of Superman. Luthor would probably have the full support of humanity and government (again, see Metropolis/Smallville) and could foster that support through his new media outlets. This pits Luthor both against Wayne and Superman by the 3rd act.

Add in things like Wayne investing in Luthor’s company pre-IPO and revealing a controlling stake to thwart Luthor on the money front (Wayne as a billionaire through experience, something Luthor lacks), Alfred being “pro-human” after seeing the destruction caused in Man of Steel mirror his experiences in war and Superman struggling with his isolation from the humanity he swore to protect (cueing Wonder Woman’s entrance) and you might have the start of a movie I might want to see.